Empowering Audiences for Financial Freedom in a Changing World

Sandra’s Credentials:

Sandra Featured on CBC Vancouver

For many undergraduate university students, January marks the start to their last semester before graduating. Sandra Joe, a certified financial planner turned financial coach, speaks to Michelle Ghoussoub about how students should handle their finances during their last semester.

Empowering Your Audience with Financial Know-How

Sandra believes that financial literacy and education should be taught to all people of any age, demographic, ethnicity, and gender. She knows that the majority of the population struggle with some sort of financial stress, and that there are easy tools and strategies that these people can employ to change the trajectory of their finances and their future. Sandra prides herself on providing this education to the masses, teaching them basic yet impactful skills to make more informed decisions and having the confidence to do so.

Sandra’s Keynote Speaking Topics That Inspire…

  • How to Excel in Your Career & Your Life
  • How Your Money Stories Affect Your Life
  • Overcoming Financial Fear and Overwhelm
  • 5 Key Financial Strategies to Starting Your Own Business
  • Regain Your Confidence Following Divorce
  • Investing Made Simple

Sandra’s Workshop Topics That Empower…

  • Business Income Calculator – Entrepreneurs Guide to Hitting their Income Goal
  • How Financial Advisors Can Reach New Clients in a Changing World
  • How to Talk about Money in Your Marriage (or relationship)
  • Investing for Beginners
  • Planning for Retirement – Tax Effective Strategies & Investments
  • Wealth Accumulator Series: Family Years
      – Session 1 – First-Time Homeowners
      – Session 2 – Family Planning
      – Session 3 – Investment Strategies for the Future

The Types of Speaking Engagements Sandra Books:

  • Podcast interviews
  • Webinars and online events
  • In-person events and seminars 
  • Corporate meetings and events
  • Client Events
  • Team Training Workshops
  • Educational Seminars
  • Women’s Retreats or Events

Introducing Sandra Joe:

Your Next Inspirational Speaker for Financial Empowerment!

Meet Sandra Joe, a dynamic entrepreneur, podcaster, and seasoned public speaker with a passion for financial well-being.

As a former Certified Financial Planner (CFP) turned Financial Coach, Sandra thrives on empowering millennials to attain financial independence, security, and freedom.

Sandra has an unparalleled talent for making the complex world of finance not only understandable but enjoyable. Her engaging presentations feature relatable client stories that demystify financial concepts. Through real-life examples with actual numbers, Sandra shows audiences that mastering effective money management need not be overwhelming or perplexing.

Sandra’s workshops offer an immersive, hands-on experience, allowing participants to apply real-world scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of the financial process. She employs a versatile range of techniques tailored to each audience, providing guidance to individuals of all experience levels, whether they’re salaried employees, entrepreneurs, mothers reentering the workforce, or divorcees.

Book Sandra Joe for your next workshop and let her captivate your audience with her expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to transforming financial futures. Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire and educate your attendees with Sandra’s empowering message of financial empowerment and confidence.

Client Testimonials

Her course exceeded my expectations with sessions being very tailored to the questions I had about developing my business as a physiotherapist.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is either intimidated with finances, want to gain a better understanding and feel more confident with their finances, and making a plan to achieve their personal and financial goals.



Her course exceeded my expectations with sessions being very tailored to the questions I had about developing my business as a physiotherapist.

I’m so grateful to have met Sandra. Not only is she a phenomenal financial coach, but she has really helped me make the connection between my limiting beliefs and money stories. 

She has great energy, is easy to talk to, and is very comforting; these qualities are vital, as talking about money has been overwhelming and difficult for me, especially since leaving corporate and becoming a business owner. Having not only her practical knowledge coupled with her supportive coaching has been wonderful.


New York

I knew I needed to invest in myself and my business to get me where I want to go. I now have a clear plan on how many clients I need to have a monthly basis to make the salary I deserve. I also have learned valuable lessons around where my money is going every month and how much I need to have that “cushion”. I highly recommend Sandra and have already referred people to her!



My sister referred me to Sandra and I’m so thankful she did. I was ICU RN working big money COVID contracts. I was recently engaged and started a new trucking business. Sandra has been so helpful in showing me how to financially manage my trucking business and transition it to a family business now that I’m married. She’s so knowledgeable in helping us forecast and plan for business expenses and profits. My only regret is that I didn’t utilize her services earlier. I would have been further along in my financial journey. My husband and I have different money values/spending habits so she’s been super helpful in getting us on the same page. Let me tell you….JUST START WHERE YOU ARE AND SHE WILL GIVE YOU THE DIRECTION YOU NEED! Thanks so much, Sandra!
Arynia & Tony


Where do I start?! Our sessions got personal quick and I really like that because I don’t care for fluff. I came in expecting money, mindself and business talk, but you surprised me in a really pleasant way with activities that helped me dive into more of the meaty heart and relational matters of money. I appreciate your transparency, expertise and genuine care to see me grow and succeed in my business and life! We have a few more sessions to go and I look forward to see what we uncover together!

I like the structure in which we meet and the different activities you’ve provided. The homework aspect of our sessions helps me a lot in diving deeper into processing what I want in my business and life altogether. You’re an attentive listener and can feel that you genuinely care about seeing me succeed, and I take comfort in our shared similarities. Also, hearing about your business and the process in which you got to where you are and continue to grow and build is inspiring and motivates me.



As a couple who have lived in multiple different countries (Australia, Hong Kong & Canada) we wanted to learn about how to better manage, grow and invest our money whilst understanding the tax implications. Prior to enrolling in the coaching, we had some basic knowledge but we wanted to enhance our financial literacy. Sandra is such a relatable person and made us feel so comfortable diving into a world that was very unknown to us. Sandra also gave us a framework with which to visualise our goals, and this has already helped us in making decisions in how we plan our future holidays and what we can and cannot afford. We are now able to put the skills and knowledge that Sandra has passed onto us into practice when we start our family. To then also pass down this new-found knowledge to our children so that they begin their money journey in a better place than we did.
Maddy & Scott


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